Ataques de tiburones en el 2010 pag2

20 02-Oct-2010 Bahamas Exumas Exumas Spearfishing Jose Molla M Bite to Right Leg
21 02-Oct-2010 Bahamas ABACOS Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Surfing Jane Engle F received bite marks between her left ankle and knee and required some 75 to 100 stitches. 15h00
22 01-Oct-2010 South Africa Western Cape Melkbaai in the Strand Surfing Male M He had three deep lacerations, penetrating to the bone 14h30
23 27-Sep-2010 USA Oregon South Jetty of the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay, Oregon Surfing David Lowden M 29 No Injury – The shark was at full attack speed nailing the tail of my board ejecting me forward 16h00
24 24-Sep-2010 USA Virginia Sandbridge ,Virginia Beach Surfing Caleb Kauchak M 18 Bites on left ankle and knee 16h30
25 21-Sep-2010 South Africa Western Cape Dyer Island and Pearly Beach, east of Cape Town Swimming – with valuable perlemoen shells Khanyisile Momoza M 29 Fatal – It jumped out of the water with him and then it took him down
26 13-Sep-2010 Australia New South Wales Fraser’s Reef, near Iluka, Surfing Jake Davies M 15 received a number of stitches and was treated for puncture wounds on his leg. 17h00
27 07-Sep-2010 USA Florida Ocean Gallery Condominiums off Dondanville Road, St. Johns County Body Surfing Jason Whitworth M 27 10 to 12 half-inch lacerations around Whitworth’s wrist
28 06-Sep-2010 Tonga Haapai Islands Hapai group of islands Whale watching Bjorn Jensen M 24 four big puncture wounds when it took a bite 12h00
29 06-Sep-2010 Bahamas Exuma 35 miles south of New Providence near the Exuma chain Swimming or scavenged Judson Newton M Fatal – Person found inside shark
30 04-Sep-2010 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Kris Kerr M No injury, shark charged surfboard, he hit shark and it left
31 03-Sep-2010 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County – Minorca condominium complex Surfing Andrew Heald M 24 Bite to hip and leg 09h00
32 03-Sep-2010 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Jason Coffman M 29 Bite to right hand 12h00
33 02-Sep-2010 SOLOMON ISLANDS Western Province SOLOMON ISLANDS Swimming Benjamin D’Emden M 34 Severe cuts to his face and neck
34 18-Aug-2010 USA Florida Crescent Beach, St. Johns County Boogie-board – Playing Seth Shorten M 10 six bite marks on the bottom of Seth’s foot and three or four on the top. 09h30
35 17-Aug-2010 Australia Western Australia South Point, left, near Gracetown Margaret River area. Surfing Nicholas Edwards M 31 Fatal – Leg severely damaged – board bitten in half 08h15
36 14-Aug-2010 USA California Pigeon Point Kayaking – Adam Coca M 45 No Injury – Kayak had bite marks
37 10-Aug-2010 South Korea South Korean island, Jeju, South Korean island Swimming Jaylee Pierce F 16 50 Stitches Afternoon
38 10-Aug-2010 Australia Queensland Three Mile Creek, near Townsville. Fishing Female F Minor wounds to leg 19h00
39 08-Aug-2010 Australia New South Wales the bay at Crescent Head – 300m north of the Killick Creek Surfing Rick Carroll M foot had some deep cuts and puncture wounds and his heel was cut up fairly badly 08h00
40 07-Aug-2010 USA North Carolina Figure Eight Island, Wilmington, New Hanover County Surfing Josh Clement M 25 Left Foot and Ankle bitten 15h00
41 07-Aug-2010 MALTA Valetta Off Fort St. Elmo Windsurfing David Bonavia M 35 No Injury – Sail Bitten
42 05-Aug-2010 USA Florida Bethune Beach, Volusia County Swimming Judy Fischman F 59 Minor abrasions to legs when she was lifted on the back of a large marine animal 19h15
43 02-Aug-2010 USA Florida Mickler’s Landing – Jacksonville St. Johns County Wading Kimberly Presser F 37 150 stitches to arm 11h00
44 02-Aug-2010 USA California five miles off Gaviota State Park IRVINE Kayaking Duane Strosaker M No Injury
45 25-Jul-2010 USA South Carolina Isle of Palms, Charleston County Standing – Tossing football with friends Alex Stamm M 16 40 stitches in his leg
46 23-Jul-2010 USA Florida Sixth Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, Duval County Surfing Clayton Schulz M 20 More than 300 stitches were needed to repair the damage to his foot 16h30
47 19-Jul-2010 USA South Carolina 69th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach Body – Surfing Josh Myers M 10 19 stitches to left leg 10h40
48 17-Jul-2010 USA North Carolina Shell Island Resort – Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover County Swimming Kendall Parker F 13 40 Stitches to Right arm 13h30
49 17-Jul-2010 USA Florida NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Volusia County Surfing Jimmy Johnson M 55 Foot – two cuts to the top and seven to the bottom of the appendage
50 16-Jul-2010 Spain North Sardina Gran Canary, Canary Islands Sardina del Norte bathing Male M 9 16 stitches on left foot 19h15

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