Ataques de tiburones en el 2010 pag3

51 16-Jul-2010 USA Texas Galveston Island Fishing Charlie Gauzer M It was gashed pretty good, down to the bone,» Gauzer said. The shark missed the artery but did severe Gauzer’s Achilles tendon.
52 11-Jul-2010 USA Florida Lauderdale by the sea, Broward County Diving – trying to free shark caught in net Male M Unknown at this time 16h30
53 04-Jul-2010 South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Two Mile Reef, Sodwana Bay Sodwana Bay in northern Zululand Snorkeling Sarah Haiden F 21 severe cuts to her left leg
54 04-Jul-2010 USA New York about 25 miles south of Shinnecock Inlet Fishing Frank Joseph M 20 Bite to bottom of his right bicep 12h33
55 02-Jul-2010 USA California Dog Patch, San Onofre, Orange County Paddle-board surfing David Bull M 48 No injury, board bumped by shark 15h15
56 02-Jul-2010 USA California Pismo Beach Silver Shoals Surfing Derek Crane M 19 Cut on left foot
57 27-Jun-2010 USA Texas 8 Mile Beach in Galveston Surfing Chad Rogers M 20 60 stitches to his foot and toe
58 25-Jun-2010 USA North Carolina Topsail Island Swimming Carley Schlentz F 13 bitten by a shark twice near the top of her left foot received 60 stitches
59 25-Jun-2010 USA South Carolina Fripp Island near Beaufort Swimming Ella Morris F 6 Bite to right leg – 22 stitches
60 15-Jun-2010 Vietnam province of Binh Dinh Quy Nhon Beach Swimming Huynh Nhu Hoang M 17 right instep. The wound is 6cm wide, 12cm long, touching muscle.
61 10-Jun-2010 USA Florida Jacksonville Beach, Duval County boogie board Hannah Foster F 18 She needed 29 stitches after being bitten on lower left leg and foot.
62 06-Jun-2010 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Conspicuous Beach, near Walpole Surfing Michael Bedford M 40 Severe laceration to right knee 12h00
63 00-Jun-2010 USA Florida Ponte Vedra Beach – St. Johns County Surfing Matt Searcy M 20 30 stitches
64 30-May-2010 USA Florida Off Tarpon Springs Research – Shark research Mike Seymore M 49 Laceration to left calf by hooked shark attempting safe Catch and Release 08h45
65 19-May-2010 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Swimming – Helping other victim out of water Truong Thi Tanh F 60 Minor laceration to leg 18h00
66 19-May-2010 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Swimming Nguyen Thi Thu Thao F 58 Severe lacerations to left foot 18h00
67 05-May-2010 Australia New South Wales Point Plomer Surfing Craig Gibson M Bite to Calf 16h30
68 03-May-2010 Reunion Madagascar near the Island of Nosy Be, NW Madagascar 11 NM W of Ambatolaoka Scuba Diving Michel Touzet M 59 Bite to arm – chest – face 09h30
69 01-May-2010 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Wading Caitlin Dubois F 10 Puncture wounds to right ankle 10h30
70 28-Apr-2010 USA Florida Near the mouth of Shark River Research – Measuring sharks Kirk Gastrich M 29 Arm bitten Afternoon
71 19-Apr-2010 USA Hawaii Hanalei Bay Surfing Jim Rowlinson M 68 No Injury – Board Bitten – road shark 16h00
72 13-Apr-2010 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province East Beach, Port Alfred Surfing Brendan Denton M 35 Both feet bitten 10h00
73 00-Apr-2010 EGYPT Sinai Peninsula Sharm el-Sheikh Swimming / treading water James Elliott M 26 severe injuries, including a severed Achille’s tendon to left leg
74 27-Mar-2010 Reunion Saint-Benoît Bittern, St. Benedict Surfing Oliver Schorebreak M 34 Minor Injuries
75 16-Feb-2010 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province Yellow Sands Point Surfing Michal du Plessis M Lacerations to right leg
76 15-Feb-2010 FIJI Off Vanua Levu Nara Reef Scuba diving Henry Usimewa AM 19 Fatal – Large shark took entire body in front of friends and family 09h30
77 13-Feb-2010 AUSTRALIA Queensland Dent Island, Whitsundays Snorkeling Patricia Trumbull F 60 Severe Lacerations to legs & buttocks 13h30
78 11-Feb-2010 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Mona Vale Beach, Sydney Surfing Paul Welsh M 46 Minor injury, lacerations to left lower leg 08h00
79 06-Feb-2010 NEW ZEALAND South Island Cosy Nook Spearfishing Aaron Muilwyk M No injury, shark bit his speargun after he used it to try and get rid of a pesky shark.
80 06-Feb-2010 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Turners’ Beach Body boarding Dean Everson M 18 No Injury – Blocked shark with board 15h30
81 06-Feb-2010 USA Florida Riviera Beach municipal beach, Palm Beach County Fishing – trying to carefully release hooked shark Male M bitten in the lower leg – trying to carefully release hooked shark 17h00
82 04-Feb-2010 Guam Marianas Island Inarajan Spearfishing Andrew Duenas M 31 Fatal – semi-circle cuts that look like bite patterns around his torso
83 03-Feb-2010 USA Florida Hutchinson Island – Stuart beach – Martin County Kite boarding Stephen Schafer M 38 Fatal – When lifeguard arived sharks were circling – several bite marks 16h15
84 01-Feb-2010 NEW ZEALAND Oreti Beach Oreti Beach Body Boarding – Accidently stepped on shark Lydia Ward F 14 bit through her wetsuit into her hip 18h30
85 30-Jan-2010 Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Atlântida beach ( in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Surfing Andrei Johann M 29 injuries to his right foot – 20 stitches
86 27-Jan-2010 AUSTRALIA Queensland Archie’s Beach Surfing Ashley Ramage M No Injury – board bitten had to fight off shark 16h30
87 22-Jan-2010 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) Dubai Umm Suqeim Beach, Dubai Surfing Michael Geraghty M 54 Laceration to bottom of foot Evening
88 22-Jan-2010 AUSTRALIA Victoria Geelong Surfing Dr. Pat Lockie M Cuts to hand 07h30
89 12-Jan-2010 SOUTH AFRICA Western Province Fish Hoek Standing Lloyd Skinner M 37 Fatal – Shark made two attacks and took entire body 15h15
90 09-Jan-2010 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Unknown Female F Minor injuries
91 09-Jan-2010 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Unknown Mang Duc Hanh M Right wrist bitten 17h00
92 09-Jan-2010 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Bathing Nguyen Minh Tuan M Severe bite to forearm 06h45
93 09-Jan-2010 Australia Queensland Thursday Island ( Torres Strait Islands ) Snorkelling Reenie Morrissey F 9 bit her twice on the knee
94 06-Jan-2010 USA Florida Elliot Key Spearfishing Dreice Chirino M 32 Lacerations to arm 10h15
95 05-Jan-2010 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Province Nahoon, East London Surfing Male M No injury, reportedly knocked of his board by a shark
96 23-Oct-2010 Australia Western Australia Wedge Island, approximately 140 km North of Perth, Western Australia Kite Surfing Liam Williams M 14 Bites to right leg
97 06-Dec-2010 USA New Jersey Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey Diving in Aquarium Bob Large M 59 Lacerations & puncture wounds to right calf & ankle when diver accidentally backed into the shark PROVOKED INCIDENT



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